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Craft based resourse center is reflection of haritage of chhattisgarh and its tribal culture so government will also support to give promotion their handicrafts it woild be such a great mutual benefits to the artisans and craftsman

                                              With the support of state government and DCH craft based resourse center  will also organise so crafts fesivals once in year in large number of public availabilty and through marketing to reach every people whether nationally or internationally 

                                            Expers say craft based resource center will  also organize some seminar/workshop/conference  on any aspects of the arts and crafts with help of local state people and national ,international experts.

Some parameter will be also implemented for better viability of craft based resourse center are as follows-;

Development and design of crafts based on the craft based resource center collection including demostration of craft persons.

Educational programme/out reach programmes for school